Redefine yourself

Community-based learning environment that offers personal success to live healthier and do greater good

Transportation from school,
Martial Arts lessons, and
Homework Assistance

All Day Camp to cover all the highlights of summer activities, field trips and fun offered in KY

Make this year special with black belt birthday celebration. We cover everything but the cake.

Judgment Free Zone

Emerge and control your lifestyle—fitness goals, mindset goals, martial arts goals, behavioral goals, social goals, professional goals, confidence goals. As we emphasize personal growth, we aim to sustain a comfortable, safe, and positive community where everyone feels respected, productive and accepted. Martial Arts USA is for all ages and fitness levels.

Our Next Generation

The foundation of our youth curriculum is education and development of life-skills including discipline, focus, self-confidence and anti-bully response. Instructor Haesoo Jeon (UC Berkeley, B.A.) believes in the influence of these skills in academics, opportunities and success, however it’s defined.

Leadership and Community

Future leaders one black belt at a time—through our goal setting and achieving habits, impact your neighbors and spread the common good. Our Black Belt Beta Elite Team and our Leadership Team work hand in hand to cultivate awe, compassion and positivity in our community.

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