Our Martial Arts


Taekwondo (the way of the foot and fist) is a Korean martial art with an emphasis on fast footwork and kicks that do not compromise power with the addition of speed. Taekwondo has evolved into an Olympic game as well as a professional full contact sport. Although an Olympic sport, Taekwondo is also a system of self defense that when taught in a traditional fashion can be a devastating striking art that is challenging to the mind and spirit. Read more


Hapkido is a dynamic and eclectic Korean martial art. It employs joint locks, pressure points, throws, kicks and other strikes, and is a complement to Taekwondo at the Dojang. Hapkido is a style that has no restrictions on the technique taught. Striking, grappling, and throwing are some techniques included in this style as well as others.

Hapkido reflects the mental and physical side of the martial arts. The ability to control the situation is as important as reacting properly should the situation get out of hand. Domination of your own will and self-control is one of the key aspects of Hapkido as well as powerful and effective techniques.  Read more


Judo is a Japanese martial art that concentrates on throwing and grappling techniques and is one of the better martial arts for developing self-defense. Judo translates directly to mean, “the gentle way”. It consists primarily of techniques that utilize balance and momentum to throw your opponent to the ground and controlling them once there.

Although some modern Judo schools do not teach striking, when created, Judo was meant to be an all inclusive self-defense system, much like modern Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Some Judo schools have now elected to only teach grappling. However, we here at MAUSA have always included striking within our all inclusive Martial Arts Program. This blend has been taught here for over 20 years and is a proven, effective self-defense system. Read more

Weapons and Other Martial Arts Combined Classes

We have special weapons classes, sparring classes, Tai Chi, and other various martial arts. Students will have the opportunity to learn other techniques that are on their individual skill level when interested.