Grandmaster Jeon & Team

Grandmaster Jeon’s Leadership History

Grand Master Jeon has been instructing martial arts for over 30 years in Korea and the United States. He came to the United States in 1995 in order to fulfill his commitment of teaching martial arts.

He graduated from Korea University in Seoul, Korea with a Bachelor’s Degree and studied for Master’s degree at the same college. He also served in the military for four years as an officer, the rank of first lieutenant and honorably finished his duty in late 1980s.


Through his professional background, he is not only highly educated, but also knowledgeable and open-minded. He is a total 15th Dan degree black belt (in Taekwondo, Hapkido, Judo, Taichi and the art of Kichon Kumdo). In college, Grandmaster Jeon was an instructor of Martial Arts in Korea.

Grandmaster Jeon training Special Forces while serving as an Officer in 1986-1989. He believes that martial arts stand for honor, discipline, and respect. He feels blessed with the chance to teach martial arts here in our community and to help us study martial arts in a positive way.

When Grandmaster Jeon came to America, he did so with the specific purpose of fulfilling his dream of teaching Traditional Martial Arts to students who otherwise may not have the opportunity to learn them. This is the first school he established after coming to America.

His Team

Our carefully chosen Instructors and Assistant Instructors are the fruits of our successful leadership team. Many of our leadership team take their skills out into the world, and some choose to apply them here in our Dojang to pass them on to others. Leadership students can only become assistant instructors after achieving Black Belt. This works as a natural filter to select only the most dedicated and hard working individuals.

We have many patient instructors with pleasant personalities and lots of enthusiasm. They help motivate students to set goals and work towards those goals by using gentle but strict discipline.