Kids Taekwondo

“Yes I Can” Taekwondo for Kids (ages 5+)

Martial Arts USA instructors are specialized in teaching children how to ‘focus’. Your child will learn the importance of eye contact, posture, and listening skills that will benefit them not only in our martial arts class but at home, on the playing field, and in the classroom.

Give your child the skills to succeed in school and in life.miatkd

  • Better focus and concentration
  • More confidence – “Yes I Can” attitude
  • The importance of “Set goal, achieve goal” habit
  • Improve discipline and respect
  • Benefits of exercise and physical fitness

Let us help improve your child’s Focus and Organization skills


Our belt system gives students mini-goals to strive for and teaches kids the power of goal setting. Special events such as belt testing and tournaments give students an opportunity to perform in front of others, further enhancing their self confidence and self-esteem. And our outstanding instructors   consistently use praise and positive feedback in class to encourage students and motivate effort. We emphasize the five codes of Grandmaster Jeon, Respect-Discipline-Perseverance-Humility-Loyalty and explore how to apply them in their daily life with their family.

Ultimately, we are all about providing positive and friendly learning atmosphere for all ages and skill levels.

Instructor Haesoo Jeon (University of California, Berkeley B.A.)  since 2001

Tiger Leadership Team


The Tiger Leadership Program offers students the opportunity to develop mental growth, maturity, and decision making skills, to become a future leader.  Students in this program are given a special uniform that symbolizes the responsibility of leadership.

We want our future leaders to be self-motivated and compassionate in their pursuits, and the goal of the Tiger Leadership Team is to teach our students to succeed inside and out of the studio.

 Financial Assistance

We want Martial Arts to be available to everyone who has a passion to learn. We will evaluate you individually if you think you may need financial assistance.