A+ After School Program

 We pick up. Kids stay active.DSC05421

The following is a list of schools we pick up from; check with us if your school is not on the list as we are flexible with transportation routes.

    • Athens Chilesburg/Cassidy/Clays Mill
    • Garrett Morgans/Glendover/Julius Marks/Lansdowne
    • Lexington Christian Academy/Liberty/Maxwell
    • Picadome/Rosa Park/Southern/Stonewall/Tates Creek
    • Veterans Park/Wellington/LUA



“A+ After school program is one of the best things you can do for your child!”

When you enroll your child in our A+ After School Program, we provide more than just quality care. Our Educational Department ensures your child’s academic and behavioral improvement for everyday life. The department provides mentorship, homework assistance, and tutoring. In addition, we teach your child our unique martial arts program – “Yes I Can Taekwondo”.

The program is designed to keep the students motivated and challenged so parents can expect academic and behavioral improvement for school and everyday life. We keep ‘focus’ as a trend in the martial arts division as students learn the values of respect, discipline, and leadership.

Our Program’s Everyday Pride:
  • Homework Assistance and Enrichment Studies with outstanding staff and volunteers from UK!
  1. Learn ‘Time-management’ and organization skill
  2. Complete homework assignments in a focused atmosphere
  3. Weekly practice of Hand writing, Speech and Drama, Book review and more
  4. Liberal Arts Education – Communication skills, Citizenship, Leadership etc.
  • Daily Martial Arts Lesson! – “Yes I Can TaeKwonDo”
  1. Credit course of MAUSA black belt training program
  2. Leadership program when qualified
  3. Learn the right way of self-defense skill – resolving conflict
  4. Improve discipline, courtesy, and focus of mind
  5. Maintain healthy weight
  • Spacious Brand New Facility 
  1. Our Brand New two-story institution includes library, martial arts classroom, homework room
  2. Activity rooms include Kids Lounge, wii room, music room, art room, play room,  jigsaw puzzle room, and chess room, LEGO room
afterschool room1

Our exclusive A+ After School Program can help your child improve confidence and develop the leadership skills they need to succeed in life.

  • Grade K to 5
  • Dates: Monday to Friday
  • Hours: We pick up at local schools and parents pick-up 5:00 to 6:00 p.m.
  • Weekly or Monthly rates: $80-$100/week (One time registration fee of $20-$30 plus Uniform fee)
  • We provide all-day care on Snow Days and No School Days.
We give parents peace of mind with quality childcare. You can focus on your work knowing that your children are safe, having fun, and developing vital life skills. When you pick up your kids, they will have learned something new and grown from the day’s lessons.

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